Michael Lee Morgan

Michael Lee Morgan

Michael Lee Morgan, 69, of Albion, PA, an avid photographer and certified curmudgeon, passed away peacefully at his home on January 23, 2024. Michael worked for the Drakes Cakes Factory in Wayne, NJ. He was the very last man to leave the building when the doors officially closed in 2013.  After his retirement he spent some time in New Jersey before relocating in 2018 to Albion, PA. It was here that he met his wife, Christine.  They loved to travel and photograph quaint local places together and to take in an evening of live music.  They were both over the moon in love with their dog Zoey.  He wasn’t one to wear his feelings on his sleeve. In fact, it was hard to tell just how he was feeling about anything. However, we do know that he loved the following things: Music. We would be hard pressed to tell you that there was ever a weekend; that we weren’t woken up by the melodic beats of 60’s and 70’s rock n roll, progressive rock, and/or new age music coming up the stairs from our living room.  Trust me, until you’ve been woken from a sound sleep by the music of the Moody blues, you haven’t lived. Some days you could see him bopping around to the beat if it caught him just right.  Space. Specifically, the stars.  He was an avid star gazer, and an amazing astrophotographer.  As a member of the Lehigh Valley Amateur Astronomical Society, he took several star gazing trips with them, his favorite spot being Cherry Springs.  He set up the Vitale Solar observatory while staying with his daughter to capture those sun flares in calcium-K. He always said it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer that takes amazing pictures.  Cinema. When it came to movies, he had one strict rule for a Christmas Carol. It had to be with Alastair Sims in black and white only. He loved the old corny monster movies, but was always game for a Samurai classic, like Harakiri. He loved taking his kids to the drive-in to see movies, like The Goonies, where they would chomp Doritos loudly in his ear. Oddly enough, he loved the movie Lilo and Stich, when asked why he said the colors of the movie were beautiful blues.  Of course, these were all squeezed in when he wasn’t watching Sasquatch hunters, The Curse of Oak Island, or some other mystery show on Discovery ID.  A camping trip was never complete until he fired up an episode of the Grease man and sat back and laughed uncontrollably. We all know about what happened to poor Phil Kronenberg because of this.  I think if there was one imparting piece of wisdom, he would want everyone to know it would be this, that most people call them green onions, but they’re really scallions. 
Michael is survived by his loving wife Christine Morgan, and his three children, Melissa Vitale, Charles Morgan and Jason Morgan. His step children, Sabrina Eugenio, Angelina Eugenio, Nicole Sanfilippo and Nicholas Sanfilippo. As well as his grandchildren Dexter, Spencer, Ava, Lana, Nathaniel, Charlotte and several nieces and nephews.  Michael was predeceased by his parents, Charles and Charlotte Morgan, as well as his brother Richard and sister Diane.  Calling hours will be held at the Mattera Funeral Home, 188 East State Street, Albion, on Saturday, January 27, 2024 from 2pm-4pm.  Burial will be private in Hope Cemetery, Wellsburg.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the family.  To light a memory candle or leave a condolence, please visit www.matterafuneralhome.com 


Left by  “Chris & Jennifer Zupko” on 01/27/2024

May you rest in peace Uncle Mike. We know you are in a better place and no longer suffering. Please say hi to my Dad in Heaven. Sending love, hugs, and prayers to Christine, Melissa, Charlie, Jason and the rest of the family.

Left by  “Moses Cappard ” on 01/27/2024

I work with Mike in Wayne. at the Drakes plant Mike was wonderful Man. May his soul rest in peace ????

Left by  “Margie Bickford ” on 01/26/2024

I worked at Drakes Bakery for 10 years, knew Mike well, I was happy to hear that he got married and was so happy. RIP MIKE

Left by  “Steve and Allene McNally” on 01/25/2024

Our sincere condolences to Christine and family on your loss.

Left by  “Charlie and Nina Siggia” on 01/25/2024

Dear Christine and family
We are truly sorry about Michael’s passing. We could see how devoted you were to each other. May Michael’s soul Rest in Peace and may you all be comforted. Sincerely, Charlie and Nina from your group…Memories of Little Italy in Erie PA

Left by  “Thomas Duff” on 01/25/2024

When I joined LVAAS and got interested in Astrophotography I found Mike. He along with Mike Tapper, Simon Porter, and Lynn Krizan guided me through my astrophotography adventure. To this day I can still picture him telling me what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. That was Mike, strongly opinionated but at the same time always willing to help.

I got to know him much better when I started going to Cherry Springs State Park to observe and image. Mike was a regular there and when I started coming, he and his friends welcomed me with open arms. We would often have long winded discussions about astrophotography, family, and the politics of the day. We often did not agree on politics but that did not stop us from being friends. Many discussions ended with we will agree to disagree. The one discussion we always agreed upon was family. Mike loved his children and grandchildren and spoke of them often.

In later years he stopped coming to Cherry Springs State Park so he could be closer to his family. He found a new wife which he loved dearly. I then followed Mike on Facebook where his love for his family and his new wife always came through the images he posted.

Mike was an extremely talented Astrophotographer. He would show me an image he had just created, and I would ask him how he processed the image. I would sit and listen quietly knowing that I only understood half of what he was saying. Little by little I learned more about astrophotography. To this day I can still picture him lecturing me on what I should be doing.

I like many other LVAAS members will miss Mike.

Thomas Duff

Left by  “Virgil Geulen” on 01/25/2024

Worked with Mike (Chief) for 14 years and learned a lot. Rest in peace, boss.

Left by  “Chuck Marcell” on 01/25/2024

Worked with Mike for many years. RIP my friend.

Left by  “Joe Gullo” on 01/25/2024

Sincere Condolences Christine. Stay Strong Sister.

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