Left by  “Sally Helveston ” on 11/05/2021
Love ya Chop ???? ????
Left by  “Dinedia” on 11/05/2021
man going to miss the hell out of you. one of a kind person. til next time chop..
Left by  “Stephanie Clark” on 11/06/2021
I’m going too forever miss you Chop or as Dally would say “Chop Chop”! We love you and miss you dearly. Please watch over your loved ones. You were a brother too me, saved my life a couple different times and I could never thank you enough. I just wish I could of saved you brother. Fly High for us!
Left by  “Emily Renninger” on 11/06/2021
I’m gonna miss you cuz. You definitely were a silly goofy guy and that’s what I remember most about you. Love you shane.
Left by  “Carrie Gariepy (sis)” on 11/07/2021
Things I will miss the most about Shane. Seeing his smile could lite up a room with it no matter how bad your day was he could turn it around just by being there. I love you brother you an Hallie take care of each other .. ITS NEVER GOODBYE SEE YOU LATER
Left by  “Jerry Chamberlain ” on 11/07/2021
Miss you Chop to young to be gone so soon. So many memories of you I use to with your mom when you were a baby. At Aunt carols and that was so many years ago to me. May god heal all you have touched on this life .
Left by  “Nick Copeland” on 11/09/2021
Thanks for the memories pork chop. Was glad to have seen and talked to you a few times over the last couple months. Proud to know that one of the last things you said to me was you just wanted to do right by your kids. Truly were one of the good ones. RIP