Left by  “Nancy and Jeff Gruver ” on 08/26/2019
We are so sorry to hear this and wish to convey our condolences to the family.
Left by  “Walt & Deb Weir” on 08/27/2019
Thoughts and Prayers to Family and Friends.
Left by  “Tim Val Crane” on 08/27/2019
So sorry for your loss run a lot of calls with your dad over the years .
Left by  “Roger and Kristine Copeland ” on 08/27/2019
Our deepest sympathies and prayers.
Left by  “Carol Alexander” on 08/27/2019

Such a sweet man! Thank you, Mary, for sharing your dear Dad with me all these years since losing my own. Arnold never missed sending a card on special occasions. And he always called when in town to have me join you two in a meal. He had a generous heart, and would often bring me seasonal fruits to can, esp. rhubarb. He loved to bake his family rhubarb-custard pies, but there were always some stalks left for me to make sauce. I cherish the little things: his holding doors for me, plants from the garden, and his quick uncensored remarks. Yes, the sweetest of men, with a grand sense of humor! He will be sorely missed at this end. My warm condolences to ALL the family.
Left by  “” on 01/25/2020
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